Richard III

Richard III Fb.png

Wednesday 13 - Saturday 16 May 2020 at The Old Fire Station, Oxford.


Richard of Gloucester’s to-do list:


  • Kill king

  • Kill queen

  • Kill brother

  • Kill two small children

  • Kill all allies of the above

  • Take throne


Nova Theatre’s Richard III takes you on a wild ride with Shakespeare’s most charming villain at the helm. Under shining bright disco lights, Richard tramples his conscience into the dancefloor to tell a tale of kings made gods, and meaner creatures kings.


With a thumping pop soundtrack and daring, female-led cast, this is Richard as you’ve never seen it before. Join Nova for a sleek, stylish production filled with prophecies, glitter, vengeance and redemption.


Ages 12+


“A new star in Oxford’s theatrical firmament” - Daily Info on 2018’s Julius Caesar