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Auditions: Richard III

Saturday 9 November 2019

Audition for Nova's next show: a glitter-tastic Richard III. Shakespeare’s history play will be set in a giant party, full of large personalities and far too much booze. There will be a bit of dancing and movement, but don’t let this put you off - you don’t need to be step-perfect. There will be makeup, a dash of puppetry, and a whole lot of fun. Oh, and glitter. There will be a LOT of glitter.

Monologue Nights

Ongoing - next is Mon 25 November 2019

Relaxed evenings of monologues performed, written or directed by women. All donations split between Nova and Arts at the Old Fire Station. All welcome.

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Julius Caesar

Thursday 3 - Saturday 5 May 2018 at the Old Fire Station, Oxford

General Julius Caesar has returned from war with a disturbing new determination to rule – alone. Popular, charming and ruthless, Caesar has the love of the people and seems bent on destroying democracy itself. Brutus and Cassius decide to act. But what happens after you’ve murdered the most powerful person in the world?
Nova Theatre transplant the action from the Roman streets to an all-female military unit in this exhilarating, gender-reversed production. 

“A dynamic, gender-reversed, pacey production…kept its rapt audience captivated with its shenanigans of intrigue, power struggles, murder and revenge.” – Daily Info

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